Guernsey 1959 8 Doubles (3) [C687/2D] (Numéro d'objet: #483456893)

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Guernsey 1959 8 Doubles (3) [C687/2D] - Guernesey
Guernsey 1959 8 Doubles (3) [C687/2D] - Guernesey

Rather than me attempt to grade this coin please use the photos as a guide. If the coin disappoints when you receive it please return for a full refund. Supplied in a coin envelope for full protection.Coin Central blog at join our COIN THING Facebook group at Simple...

Localisation :
Royaume-Uni Wessex
Langues :
  • Anglais (Royaume-Uni),
  • Français,
  • Allemand,
  • Italien
Paiement :

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